Remote Learming

What I need to know/ do if? 

Please click each section below to find out what learning will look like for each situation.

The expectation on pupils is that they will use the normal timetable to structure their day and access material via Microsoft Teams. The teacher will be teaching in the classroom, however, they will update the learning, manage misconceptions and give feedback on work submitted. Pupils will be responsible for accessing, completing and submitting work. To ensure effective progress, pupils will reflect on and respond to feedback. It is reasonable to expect a 24hour delay for new material. On return, pupils will re-engage in lessons and teachers will continue to identify gaps in the fluency of the learning. This will be different for each subject and pupil. It will take place at some point over the following weeks as we assess learning over time, not in individual lessons. This ensures we can best assess the needs of the pupils and the impact of remote learning.



 All student will need a PC/ laptop computer, tablet or smart phone. The device must be able to access the internet.

 All students are supplied with an email address and password for Microsoft office 365.

 Accessing Microsoft Office 365 will allow the student to use a range of different apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams on their devices.

 Note: if you do not have any of the equipment above then please contact the school as we may be able to help you with this.


 Help and support

 If you need help with any ICT or technical difficulties, then please ask your child to email their form tutor or teacher and we will get our technician to   contact you and support where possible.

 Alternatively, please ring the school on 01253 733192 and we will put you through to one of our IT technicians or email   on