Helpful tips via YouTube for revision

An Odd Education

A newly created website written and created by current Oxbridge students to support students with revision strategies and management of time.  The website is continuously developed and has a Q&A functionality. Excellent reviews so far.

How To Create A Mind Map

How to Mind Map for revision shared by Tracy Gardner.  This is useful for students and parents and discusses how to build a mind map and the purpose of them when revising.

Study Tips & Revision Techniques  

Study tips and revision techniques from a student’s point of view- A homemade video by a student with some very good basic tips!

How to Study Effectively: 4 Top Tips 

How to study effectively for GCSE’s & A Levels shared by Jamie Miles of

How To Study Effectively | 10 Easy Tips

How to study effectively 15 easy tips shared by a student! Some excellent and well-presented ideas!

A Parent's Guide to revision

A Parent’s Guide to revision- Simple but a good reminder!

Growth Vs Fixed Mindset

A simple introduction to the theory of Growth and Fixed Mindset through the animation of a very popular story/fable.  This is a good introduction for parents and students.  The key messages taken from theorist Carol Dweck

Beat school exam stress

An NHS ‘Beat school exams stress’ page which focuses on dealing with stress and a video giving an insight to the exam period by students ‘coping with exams’