Welcome to the LSA lockdown gallery!

Over the past few weeks the students of LSA have been engaging in a range of Art activities. The students have been enthusiastic, resourceful and creative. They have investigated artists, embraced new media, explored the world around them and responded to life in lockdown.

Please click each year group below to explore the different pages where you can see examples of their fabulous work. 

'Tree of Life' project

Inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt, year 7 students have been creating their own 'Tree of Life', they have added colours and images that reflects themselves, their interests and living in lockdown.

Tree of Life Gallery


Insect project

Year 8 students have been inspired by the anatomy, shapes, colours, patterns and behaviour of insects. They have developed drawing,  observation and creative skills and have investigated the work of artists Kelly Stanford and Levon Biss. 

Insects Gallery


Everyday Objects project

During lockdown year 9 students have been drawing inspiration from 'Everyday Objects' . They have explored the work of contemporary Pop artist Michael Craig Martin. Building on his techniques and compositions, the students have created their own responses to the world directly around them. 

Everyday Objects Gallery


Typography project

Our year 10 GCSE Art and Design students have been exploring typography and the how the meaning or impact of an image can be changed or enhanced by the addition of text. They have investigated artists and techniques and produced their own work in response to this theme.

Typography Gallery