20 September 2023

Image of Students Unite for Mental Health Awareness: Positive Poster Competition Winners' Canvas Unveiled

In a heartwarming celebration of mental health awareness, students at Lytham High came together last academic year for a positive poster competition during Mental Health Awareness Week. The competition, judged by the dedicated Mrs. Ross, saw an outpouring of creativity and positivity. This initiative aimed to foster a supportive environment for students and raise awareness about mental health challenges.

Out of the many remarkable entries, two shining stars emerged victorious: Amy and Lara. Their winning posters were not only celebrated but also combined to create a stunning canvas that will soon grace the walls of the student hub.

The masterpiece that resulted from Amy and Lara's collaborative effort was brought to life by the talented artist Mia. Mia's brush strokes and artistic vision have transformed their winning posters into a powerful symbol of unity and mental health support.

The unveiling of the canvas in the student hub is anticipated with great excitement. It will serve as a constant reminder that mental health matters and that, as a community, we stand strong to support one another through thick and thin.